Phosphorous Acid


Stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride, polyester polymerization catalyst and surface treatment.

Specifications and other data

Chemical formula H3PO3
Molecular mass 82.00
CAS NO. 13598-36-2
Appearance White crystal powder
Aqueous solution Colorless or very slightly cloudy
Chloride (Cl) 0.005% max.
Sulfate (SO4)
Calcium (Ca)
Phosphate 0.5% max.
Arsenic (As)
Heavy metal (Pb)
Iron (Fe) 0.003% max.
Product content 98.0% min.
PH 1.39
Solubility 77%(20°C)
Specific gravity 1.651
Special attention regarding storage Store under sealed conditions, away from heat and moisture.

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