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Since its foundation in 1905, Omichi Seiyaku Co., Ltd. has succeeded in the domestic production of many drugs, and both before and during the war has contributed to the development of new drugs.

After the war, we developed specific phosphorous compounds, making use of our technology as stated above. These compounds have been widely used as catalysts, stabilizers, modifiers and reducing agents in diverse industries such as synthetic fiber, synthetic resins, household electrical appliances, information-related equipment and automobiles.

Recently, having cast our eye abroad more quickly than our competitors with the aim of securing raw material resources and improving price competitiveness, we have worked to establish a stable product supply system, making use of local raw materials, intermediate products and finished products.

As a manufacturer specializing in specific compounds, our entire staff will make further efforts to provide useful products that contribute to society through test production, development and manufacturing of specific compounds, while meeting the various needs of users. Our Fukui Factory will play a leading role to achieve this goal in Japan.

In today’s rapidly changing society and market, we intend to contribute to technological innovation and the efficient use of resources to take a further leap forward. Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.

Shigeo Fuji President & CEO




Omichi Seiyaku Co.,Ltd
Omichi Seiyaku Co.,Ltd
5-14-72, Daido, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka 533-0011, Japan
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