As a reducing agent for electroless plating

Electroless plating is also called chemical plating, electroless Ni plating or Kanigen (Catalytic Nickel Generation) plating, which is a generic term used by Japan Kanigen Co., Ltd.

In electroless plating, electrons that are generated through the oxidation of reducing agents contained in the plating liquid cause metal ions to be deposited in a layer on objects that are to be plated.

This method enables plating on nonconductors such as plastics and ceramics by only pretreating and immersing them in the plating solution. In addition, the method can handle even intricately-shaped objects due to film thickness uniformity.

Sodium hypophosphites are commonly used as reducing agents for electroless plating. Our sodium hypophosphite products also have achieved satisfactory results in this regard.

Products available for this application
Sodium hypophosphite

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